Discover our working process and browse some of our projects below…


De Grote Zaal

Ceiling and wall paintings in a 17th C  Dutch drawing room


Copies Of Works By Recognised Artists

Look at the different authentic techniques and steps we use for our hand painted replicas


Sculptured and Moulded Works

Discover a selection of the sculpting and moulding techniques we employ in realising or 3D projects


17th C Style Bird Ceiling

Take time to see how a project is designed and then executed


17th C Style Dutch Decorative Tempera Ceiling Painting

Have a look at this rarely used technique for a very unique ceiling painting


Period Style Portraits

Here we have a series of paintings of clients animals painted as period style portraits


18th C Style Mirror & Ornament Ensemble

Realising a new mirror frame and mouldings from a mix of castings from an old frame, and newly sculpted and cast pieces


18th Century Style Autumn Harvest Ceiling

From a small etching we realised this large 18th C Rococco Style ceiling painting


Copies Of 17th C Italian Putti and Columns

See how we produced copies of a series of columns and putti from silicone moulds we manufactured


18th Century Decorative Style Wall Paintings

Take a look at how we made a series of Chinoiserie Style wall paintings based on paintings by Cornelis t’Kindt in the Geelvinck Museum, Amsterdam


18th Century Style Decorative Floral Frames

Find out how these frames were adapted after a set of 18th Century decorative floral frames on display at the Van Loon Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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